Cristiano about the changes in the team


"Chicharito is a player to help the team. I wish him that he will adapt well, that he can help us a lot and that everything goes well for him. We are very happy to have him."

(The leave of Di Maria, Xabi Alonso and the signings of Kroos, James, Chicharito) “It will change the style of Real Madrid. These are different players, it could change for the better or the worse. Hopefully it will be for the better. They are players of a very high level and the normal thing is that they’ll adapt well and help the team succeed.”

"Obviously Di Maria and Xabi are very important players, but we already have others and we should be happy with those that are there now. And I’m sure things are going to go well and the team will be at a very high level."

I have my very clear opinion, but I must calculate and I cannot always say what I think because tomorrow I will be on the frontpages and I do not want that.
But if I was in charge, maybe I would not do things like that. Everyone has their opinion and is free to say what they think.”

"If the president thinks that the best thing for the team is to sign these players and let go those who left then we have to respect and support his decision."

AS Interview - my translation -

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